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  • 2004-62 - Abundant Blessings - 03 - crop.jpg
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  • 2019-41 - Galaxy Conference - 01 - crop.jpg
  • 2011-58 - Best Western Timmins - 10 - crop.jpg
  • 2016-14 - BW GLo Kanata - 03 - crop.jpg
  • 2001-10 - Lee's Residence Uxbridge - 01 - crop.jpg
  • 2020-22 - Amherstburg - 01 - crop.jpg
  • 2008-28 - GEM Resort - 03 - crop.jpg
  • 2016-14 - BW GLo Kanata - 07 - crop.jpg
  • 2019-41 - Galaxy Conference - 02 - crop.jpg
  • 2011-58 - Best Western Timmins - 07 - crop.jpg

Featured projects

Every site is unique and represents an architectural challenge. Through sensitive client counselling and collaborative teamwork, we feel privileged to have the opportunity to create projects that satisfy the needs of the clients and ignite the enjoyment of those who experience them.

Barbados Villa

A complete renovation of a 200-year-old villa, which was published in Island Life Magazine, and featured by the Barbados Historical Society.

Private Residence

A Globe & Mail Home of the Week: A complete transformation of a modern 1960’s split level home into an aged Georgian style home.

BW Premier Timmins

New 7-story, 98 room, hotel complete with rooftop conference facility and terrace, indoor pool, fitness, dining, and meeting rooms.

BW GLo Kanata

Opened by the Mayor of Ottawa, this new 4-story, 69 room, hotel is the first Glo prototype in Canada, and second worldwide.


Meet with us, we would like to discuss your dream project with you.

In the first phase we discuss with you your programmatic interests and influences, visit and evaluate the project site, and consider goals such as feasible budgets, schedules, expected revenues, etc.


Communication with our clients is an important part of our design process.

From our discussions, we develop alternative schemes and solutions to satisfy the program, site, and preferred aesthetic, while responding to environmental factors and respecting sustainable performance principles.


We rely upon a well-seasoned group of consultants for the delivery of a complete service through to construction.

After obtaining the appropriate permits and authorizations, we represent the client on site. We evaluate the quality of construction and its compliance with the construction documents, coordinate site meetings, and facilitate any changes to be made on site.